ONCE UPON A FOREST (1993)poster1-207x300
Original hand-painted production cel of Russell the Hedgehog from this Hanna-Barbera feature, directed by Charles Grosvenor.Three friends, Abigail the wood mouse, Edgar the mole and Russell the Hedgehog, take off on an exciting but dangerous journey to find help for their young friend Michelle, who has become seriously ill from toxic fumes caused by a chemical spill.

BANJO THE WOODPILE CAT (1979)poster2-245x300
Original production drawing of Banjo from Don Bluth’s first animated short film, produced by Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy.


Production drawing of Frodo, Pippin, Sam, Merry and Boromir from this feature by Ralph Bakshi.poster3-197x300
I especially like the various spacing charts above the characters, which indicate that this is an extreme or ‘key’ drawing.

Although the film was heavily rotoscoped and by far not as good as the live-action films by Peter Jackson, I still think that Bakshi must be appreciated for his efforts.
It’s one of Bakshi’s most ambitious films, and was produced by Saul Zaentz (of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” fame).
Despite the incomprehensible story line and unsatisfying mixture of techniques, the film was a commercial success, and earned back its $8 million production costs several times over.


BOES (1988-1991)poster4
Original hand-painted production cel of an elephant and and monkey from the Dutch/Japanese tv-series Boes / Ox-tales.